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Occupational Therapy

At Clayview Home Health Services, we concern ourselves with helping our patients gain the best level of independent living attainable regardless of the medical or physical situation. 

 Let us help with adapt to your lifestyle. Occupational Therapy can strengthen your quality of life within the comfort of your own home. What’s the point in receiving therapy in a clinical setting only to re-adjust yourself upon returning home? A more efficient plan of action is to let our certified, professional occupational therapists assist you in the environment that you you spend the most time in – your home.

Occupational therapy consists of a comprehensive approach that allows you to perform the daily activities that are essential to your life. Commonly, physicians prescribe occupational therapy to patients that have experienced a stroke, neurological diseases, physical injury, surgery, and other disabilities. Our occupational therapists give guidance and support to patients as they learn to operate durable medical equipment assertive technologies, prosthetics and more.  Your occupational therapist has expertise and well as useful tips and techniques that help you master your daily routine.  Allow them to shape and incorporate enjoyable activities into your lifestyle in order to get the most out of your occupational therapy. Our occupational therapists never give up on your potential while providing professional care at all times.

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